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Joshua Frerichs

Joshua Frerichs was born on June 24th, 1987. He received his first guitar at the age of 6 and fell in love with music. During his childhood, he dealt with difficult family circumstances but kept his musical drive a priority in his life. Though he did not grow up in a Christian environment, he felt God had placed a call on his life and accepted Christ at the age of 16.

By this time, Josh had been playing for 10 years and began serving as a worship leader and accompanist at Jacobstown Baptist Church in Wrightstown, NJ. As a result, he decided to pursue ministry as a career and mission for his life.

Joshua attended Eastern University in PA in 2005 for his first two years of school but decided to take a leave of absence due to a job opportunity. He worked for 3 years as a film composer for television commercials and documentaries. Though he loved this, he felt the need at age 22 to finish his degree and began attending Liberty University in the fall of 2010.

Joshua is now the Studio Manager for Thomas Road Baptist Church, as well as serving as the primary audio producer for Red Tie Music. He also continues to compose for various freelance and commercial projects that come his way.

Website: jfcompositions.com

Favorite verses: Romans 12:1-2; Matthew 28:19

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